Media buying and planning

We bring businesses in front of their target market, whether they are watching a TV show or browsing a website

To say that media buying and planning have evolved over the last two decades is an understatement. Technology has altered this critical part of advertising and marketing strategy in the same way it has changed how we shop, work, and interact with others.

The Internet revolution has irrevocably transformed business, and even experienced advertisers wonder, How do media buying and planning work today?

Media buying and planning
digital media buying

Digital Media Buying

Digital buying involves obtaining advertising spaces on apps, websites, and other digital platforms. To get advertising space on the publisher’s website, agencies employ real-time bidding (RTB).  RTB allows website owners to market views (ad impressions). The latter is sold when it becomes available in real-time. This has dramatically altered the industry’s purchasing and selling of display advertising.

Traditional Media Buying

Wiredus is a highly experienced conventional media planning and purchasing agency devoted to generating and delivering results-driven media advertising campaigns in addition to digital media. We can launch any conventional advertising campaign with speed and certainty, from conception to flawless media implementation. Our talents range from day-to-day purchase management to long-term planning. Our experienced media planning and purchasing team is backed by the industry’s most powerful and sophisticated resources.

Media buying and planning

Over-The-Top (OTT) Media Services

Everything You Require to Know Concerning OTT: OTT streaming should not be confused with video streaming since they provide distinct degrees of content and experience. One of the main reasons OTT entertainment is so popular is its ease of access. Customers need a high-speed internet connection and a connected device that supports applications or browsers to view OTT. 

  • Mobile OTT Devices: OTT applications may be downloaded to smartphones and tablets for on-the-go streaming. 
  • Personal computers: OTT material may be accessed via desktop programs or web browsers. 
  • Connected TV Devices: Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, and other connected TV devices are frequent examples. Game consoles like the PlayStation often help OTT applications.

Out-Of-Home (OOH) Advertising

From the beginning of OOH Advertising to the post-pandemic era, OOH Advertising has always been a social-distanced extravaganza that has shown to be quite powerful. From a digital to a physical perspective, out-of-home advertising has become more appealing and engaging. In addition, as a company providing outdoor advertising, we generate a mixed impression of the above eye view that enables our clients to target their clientele. So, the larger the picture, the more it retains.

digital media strategy

Digital Media Strategy

How many consumers buy a product or service after seeing, hearing, or reading the commercials or promotional offers? The primary goal of media strategy is not only to acquire consumers for their product but also to deliver the correct message to the right people at the right time. That message must be convincing and relevant. So, the organization’s planners decide on the Media Strategy to be implemented while keeping the budget in mind.

Brand Strategy & Consulting

We are a media agency that offers the highest quality design development strategies. We also provide you with media planning consulting. In today’s context, you must work with a brand strategist to be successful in this high-level competitive benchmarking need. Our brand strategists work with companies all across the world. Our brand strategy consulting agency employs highly skilled brand strategists with extensive experience with startups and large corporations. Wiredus specializes in media planning services and brand strategy consultancy. We can devise strategies that, if implemented correctly, can yield excellent outcomes for your company. Top brand strategy consulting businesses like ours can provide you with the most outstanding brand strategy ideas and help you advance in your industry.

Media buying and planning

Proven Approach

Hundreds of media alternatives are available, and the latest ones always appear. As a result, the methods clients access and learn about your company are continuously changing.

ad placements

Ad Placements

After deciding on media placements, media buyers negotiate ad time and space with digital publishers.  Media buyers must acquire placements that align with their campaign strategy and objectives. Furthermore, the most significant media buyers maintain continuous connections with several networks, increasing their bargaining leverage. After you’ve acquired your placements, your ad campaign is ready to go!

Media Buying Plan

Discover the significance of media planning and how it can save you time, enhance conversions, and increase engagement. A media strategy specifies the type of material you will produce and where and how you will distribute it to engage and convert your target audience. Some media strategies follow pre-approved messaging and content aligned with long-term business goals and campaigns. Get Wired with us to access our media buying and planning services!

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