reasons why nobody reads your blog

Your Blog Doesn’t Get Read for These 6 Reasons

Do you ever wonder the reasons why nobody reads your blog after putting so much time and effort into your content? 

In this post, we will explain the six biggest reasons why nobody reads your blog. In addition, we will demonstrate how to change the game of your content for your brand by making the most of it. 

As the year 2023 approaches, blogs are considered a crucial part of the content marketing mix for any brand in the 21st century. 

A blog can be fun, but having others read and share your content can be even more enjoyable. The problem arises when you don’t receive any readership for your blog posts.

It is entirely up to your content and your promotional strategies to gain traction. Many bloggers prefer to promote themselves through channels like Medium, for example. So, have a look at the following reasons why nobody reads your blog. 

 reasons why nobody reads your blog

Consider these clever reasons why your blog is not getting attention

  • Your blog does not have a suitable direction
  • You don’t use the power of SEO
  • You are not considering adding images
  • You do not have an editorial calendar
  • Too Many Advertisements


  • You’re not encouraging email subscriptions.

 reasons why nobody reads your blog

Your blog does not have a suitable direction

Wiredus is one of the top digital marketing agencies in India, providing various marketing services like SEO, content marketing, website development, etc. But what would happen if you arrived at our blog next week to discover we had written a blog on the most popular donut shops in Delhi? 

You’d likely be a bit surprised, no matter what your personal preferences are toward them. It is not your goal to find food stores here, it is to look for marketing strategies to nourish your brand.

If our team started writing blog posts on random, inconsistent topics every week, we would quickly lose readers. That’s right!

First, ask yourself: Does your blog offer content that people want, on a regular, reliable basis? You can drive traffic to your site with one compelling article, but you won’t necessarily retain them. In order for brands to establish themselves as industry experts, they must use blogging. Decide on the topic you will focus on – and stick to it.

You don’t use the power of SEO

When you clicked on a Google search result back in the day, you often found a spammy blog post full of ads with no value. It was common back then to stuff keywords into your blog posts to trick search engines. It would still rank highly in search results even if the article was completely unintelligible and worthless.

Fortunately, things have changed. It is now more imperative than ever to optimize your blog post for search engines. Despite the temporary boost in traffic from social media, the long-term residual traffic will come from ranking high in search results.

Several things can be done to improve the SEO of your blog posts and articles, although getting traffic to your blog post can’t be accomplished overnight.

Include keyword phrases in titles, subheadings, and body copy.

Monitoring and improving your content’s SEO can be done with the help of tools and plugins. You can drive traffic to your blog post by using social media, links on your website, and links from other authority sites. Getting your blog post in front of industry influencers is one way to boost your visibility if you are writing high-quality content. The likelihood is that they will mention your site in one of their future blog posts if it is valuable to their target audiences.

You are not considering adding images


For readers, reading 1,000+ words of plain text can be overwhelming. Keep your audience engaged by using images in your posts. By doing this, you’ll help them understand the structure of your content. This also works with other forms of media, such as videos and social embeds. In addition, you can also use GIFs in your blog posts.   

You can find free stock photos on many websites if you don’t have enough of your own. You may want to check out Pexels or Unsplash.

You do not have an editorial calendar

Did you ever subscribe to a new blog and love getting their emails in your inbox only to have them disappear after a couple of weeks?

Staying on top of readers’ minds and providing Google with fresh, updated content requires a consistent schedule. Establish a schedule that you can stick to.

Whether you do it once a week or twice a month (although we recommend more) is up to you, but keep at it. It’s okay if you miss a day or have something come up occasionally, but try to keep your schedule at 98% or better.

Using batch writing will help you stay on top of your posting schedule. As a result, you will be able to create the most content and stay on schedule.

Too Many Advertisements

Are you familiar with those blogs that have tons of advertisements screaming at you? Was it a pleasant feeling? It’s okay to have few advertisements on your blog, but overcrowding your content with links and banners will turn your readers off. It is considered to be one of the top most reasons why nobody reads your blog. 

Additionally, blogs that contain a lot of advertisements typically load slowly, which is detrimental to search engine optimization.

The most effective way to overcome:

It would be good if these were limited. When you put up advertisements, you should optimize your blog for speedy loading and make sure your hosting provider has enough bandwidth to accommodate them.

When writing promotional posts, try to write them so that the reader can benefit from them too, for example, by providing valuable information.

You’re not encouraging email subscriptions.

Now that you have got these new readers coming up to your blog, wouldn’t you like them to stick around? You can do this most effectively by getting them to subscribe, especially via email, since email subscribers receive notifications directly in their inboxes when updated content is posted. As a result, subscribers have to learn about upcoming content, which makes them more passive despite their value.

You can learn more about how to display your blog subscribe form prominently, use call-to-actions within your posts to promote the subscription, and add a blog subscription checkbox to your landing page forms in this post. Your content will be more likely to attract loyal subscribers and fans if you can convert casual readers into subscribers! 

 reasons why nobody reads your blog

The content strategy takes a lot of work, which is why 80% of organizations have someone overseeing it. A small one-man shop can benefit from intelligent content marketing. Your readership will grow when you consistently publish high-quality, relevant content with value, share it with your network, and make sure that your content is shared throughout your grid.

You can expect a healthy ROI over time if you use blogging strategies rather than sales or advertising.

To learn more about growing your business digitally, get wired with us to get free tips on digital marketing tailored specifically for you. In the comments, let us know about other topics you are interested in. 

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